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(Upcoming) Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
(Upcoming) Gimpo Art Hall, Gyeonggi, KR

Show Up / Show-Off, Onboards Biennale 2021, June 28 - July 25, Antwerp, BE

Art Collection, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Art Bank, June, Seoul, KR

A Billboard for Newhaven, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, June - July, Edinburgh, UK

Global Expansion of Korean Arts Grant, Arts Council Korea, KR

RSA John Kinross Scholarships, Royal Scottish Academy, May, Edinburgh, UK

Postgraduate Research Grants, University of Edinburgh, May, Edinburgh, UK

Ecologoy: Nature and Human, Gyeonggi Cheonnyeongil Gallery, 9 April - 7 May, Gyeonggi, KR

5 Things, Talbot Rice Residents, March, Edinburgh, UK


Shortlist for Seoul Public Artproject, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul, KR

Grants for Artist support, Yongin Cultural Foundation, September, Gyeonggi, KR

Art Gyeonggi, Gyeonggi Art Foundation, Gyeonggi, KR
Art Collection, Gyeonggi MOMA & Gyeonggi Art Foundation, July, Gyeonggi, KR

Artist Guide digital publication, June, Edingburgh, UK

Grants for Artist in Residence Abroad Programs, Arts Council Korea, KR

Gilbert Bayes Awards, Grizedale gallery, Cumbria, UK

Slam Talk, Royal Society of Sculptor, 12 Feburary, London, UK

Stills Centre for Photography Award, SSA|VAS, January, Edinburgh, UK

SSA|VAS, Royal Scotland Academy, 22 December 2019 – 30 January 2020, Edinburgh, UK



Gilbert Bayes Awards, The Royal Society of Sculptors, 16 December 2019 - 20 March 2020, London, UK

Freelands Artist support program, Freelands Foundation, September 2019 - December 2021, September, London, UK

Talbot Rice Residents, Talbot Rice Gallery, September 2019 - December 2021, Edinburgh, UK

Grants for Artist in Abroad Programs, Gyeong Gi Cultural Foundation, June, Gyeong Gi, KR

Artist Talk, Monday Salon, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, 22 July, Seoul, KR

Place in Reverse, Yamakiwa gallery, 7- 28 July, Niigata, JP

Yamakiwa Art Hotel Resideny, Niigata, JP

Interview, Art Melting Pot, April, KR

Gilbert Bayes Award, Finalist Artist, The Royal Society of Sculptors, December, London, UK

Grants for Artist in Residence Abroad Programs, Arts Council Korea, December, KR

Monthly Art Magazine, November, KR

Site as Place, show and tell, 21 October - 7 November, Seoul, KR

The First Arts Support, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, August, Seoul, KR

Press, CNB Journal, 10 October, KR

Monthly Photography Magazine, Oct, KR

Artist Talk, OCI Museum of Art, 8 September, Seoul, KR

Sediment, Patina, Displacement, OCI Museum of Art, 6 September - 13 October, Seoul, KR

Satellite, Summerhall, 26 May - 13 July, Edinburgh, UK

Trading Zone, Talbot Rice Gallery, 26 May - 23 June, Edinburgh, UK

Research trip and Tacita Dean workshop, Carnegie Corporation of New York, May, UK


New Hero, Jaeneung Culture Center, 5 - 17 December, Seoul, KR

Public Art Magazine, December, KR

OCI Young Creatives, Finalist Artist, Seoul, KR

Artist Talk, Beijing American Center, 30 July, US Embassy, CN

We existed here, Red Gate, 1- 30 July, Beijing, CN

CICA Contemporary Photography, CICA Museum, 11 - 27 August, Gyeonggi, South Korea

New Hero,Public Art magazine, April, Seoul, KR


11th edition of CCQ magazine, December, UK

Riptide, Korean Cultural Centre, 7 October - 19 November, London, UK

Art Funding Bursary, Genesis Images, October, London, UK

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, 25 November 2015 - 24 January 2016, London, ICA

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, One Thoresby Street, 18 September - 31 October, Nottingham, UK

Showcase Two, Riverlight Quay, 22 July -13 September, London, UK

Two Hundred Acres, Pump house Gallery, 4 - 5 July, London, UK

Off Print London, Tate Modern, 22 - 25 May, London, UK

Pause Patina, The Camden Arts Centre, 15 - 18 April, London, UK

FLUX IN DUBAI, Alserkal Avenue, 18 - 21 March, Dubai, U.A.E

Latching Firm, Gorvy Lecture Theater, London, UK

Latching Firm, The Camden Arts Centre, 25 February, London, UK

Artist Talk, City & Guilds of London Art School, 12 March, London, UK

Exit Strategy, Black dog publishing, UK

Planche(s) Contact 2015, Filigranes Edition, FR/UK

Planche, Deauville, FR